A Sweet Tooth

“Time for some mouth sweetness with an added journey into healthland”

A dear friend introduced me to Sweet Potato 2-3 years ago. “Hi, i am Sweet Potato” “Well hi sweetie, i am Filios”

Enough with this as i might start feeling bad for eating them 😊

Get some sweet potatoes…2-3 are enough.

Cut the in the middle length wise and then into thin slices…exactly 2.7 millimetres…just kidding!

Thin will make them cook faster…if you are eagerly hungry & want to make them crispy = yummy

Put a bit of nice olive oil in your Pyrex or a clay type of pot.

Land the potatoes on top.

Then add rosemary, chilli flakes if you fancy a bit of spice, a pinch of salt (grinded salt tastes better). By the way if you have an oven with fire is best generally for cooking.

If you have decided to go with electric stove because you have kids and are afraid they might burn the house…stop being super cautious and live a tasty life

In case carrying a gas cylinder is a pain…well it is but no pain no gain said someone, somewhere, sometime

Its good training as well…no need to carry weights at the gym…grab a mop and train those hips

Back to our upcoming tasteland adventure.

Add a bit of onions…they will become sweet onions to suit the sweet potatoes.

Use your fingers and stir everything together…you will get oily fingers which is the worse thing in life but there is a solution to this disaster:
1) lick them
2) wash your fingers

If you have guests or people that are so very clean and would not like your fingers touching the potatoes well use a fork or tell them to visit the kitchen of a restaurant they go and eat…that will wake them up 

PS. Wash hands before!

No harm done…now that everything is together, place them in the oven.

High temperature…a bit low at first then when they are soft…put the pyrex near the heat.

A bit of Greek feta on top, a bit of nice brown bread from @zorbascy and if you fancy a fresh cuacamole…as the german say Auf Wiedersehen

See ya…enjoy…every bite is more addicting…so if you are alone, lucky you…if not, lucky everyone 

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