Chico in a Kingish mode with his long Carroty Nose

“Me, Mother, Father, Alexandros floating with Redy…Chico in a Kingish mode with his long Carroty Nose”


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Is this another busy weekend? Do we have to attend at weddings because we were invited? Do we have to go for a coffee with someone we met on the street that it has been so many years to see each other and deep inside we don’t care much? Do we have to clean our car in order to save 7 euros? Do we have to hold an umbrella because everyone is holding one, even though it’s sunny? Do we have some time to spend with our creators = parents or we prefer to spend time hunting down birds? Do we have to follow our team and WIN or LOSE if they do? Do we have a choice?

Well we do… we can CHOOSE…it is called “opportunity cost” (google the term)
A new addition to my toys is REDY…she is more ORANGEy but i decided to call her REDY because she is RE(a)DY…she is flexible and will accept everyone in any way…with paddles, oars, kite, sail, engine, hands and does not say no to DOGS.

Walking along the coast of Ladies Mile with Alexandros on a lead (ops, i am illegal, i know) i collected 2 bottles of KEO beer, 2 plastic cups of yogurt, a plastic bag, a wet (dry) wipe and if Alexandros would produce a shit, i would collect that to.

There is so many garbage on our island but we did not create a law to ban all humans from exiting their house.
What i find interesting is that people decide to ban dogs from Molos or the sea front because a few people decide not to collect their pets shit.
A shit will disintegrate after a few weeks on the ground…plastic, glass will not.

So people by using their brain decide to ban from every dog owner to approach any beach because a few decide not to collect their dogs shit (poo is a nicer, friendlier word). At the same time a percentage of people does not like dogs because someone told them that animals are dirty, might have been that a dog bite them 30 years ago and that might happen again!  The same is with people…someone, somewhere, somehow hurt us but not all people act the same 🙂 “PROseed and choose…fill up your tank…the sea has a mysterious gift”
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