“Get ready…get steady…get going”

Get ready with some green olives that are “tsakkistes”, which means smashed and basically one by one is hit with a stone (the traditional way). A slight strike just to open the skin. Don’t worry…they are sold ready

Get steady with lots of garlic, coriander, lemons and olive oil.

Smash the garlic and then cut in pieces. Smashing garlic takes its flavor out…the same goes if you are cooking it. Drop them in the bowl.

Squeeze lemon(s) and also cut thin slices of lemon…add them in the bowl.

Pour olive oil…lots of it, don’t be the cousin of Skroutz 😊 let the olives enjoy a nice swim in their tasty pool…bowl (choose a bowl you like the looks of it…if you dont have one, buy one, i got this bowl for 3 euros but don’t tell anyone)

Coriander smashed…lots of it…gives a punchy taste to the whole majestic flavor you will receive whilst consuming this amazing treasure chest with olives.

BE PATIENT…wait 3-4 days…leave the olives in the fridge!

They will absorb all the “gold” from their surroundings…their friends…lemon, coriander, olive oil, garlic

Buy some bread if you may…an ice cold beer if you fancy and… Get GOING…immerse your self to a love making category experience…mmmmmmmm tastes like TASTE 😉

PS1. You can add thin slices of carrot but do eat them on the second day or third day as they dont last as the olives do.

PS2. You can add cherry tomatoes…just a few! How? Squeeze them with your fingers to take their juice out, dive them under the olives. They will suck all this golden taste. Once you bite them…BOOM…a shining red tiny grenade will flow a river of yummy flavored oil.

PS3. Experiment by adding other ingredients with the olives.
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