Ops as soon as i typed NOW it’s gone 🙂

Ready for the new chapter? Or it is a journey? Or is it a path? Or is it a puzzle? Or is life? Or is water flowing but instead of H2O it is me, you, us…painting?

Choose a brush, stick, feather, paper and then find a color you like…if it turns out to be a different color than what you had in mind…do not worry…it’s all good because NOW you can see and LATER you can go and swim at the SEA…

What am i doing NOW…is it exactly what i am doing NOW?

NOW it’s gone and it is replaced by a NEW NOW…

Seeking and capturing a label, offers the comfortness of a status or understanding by the rest…but when i am asked what do i do NOW…i look forward on how i will color the story so that it flows 😉

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