Rowing…it is just another sport…but once you become one with the boat, feel the strokes, strive for that perfect timing so that there is a continuous flow of movement…16 km of training is about 1600 strokes…each one takes you a step further to zen whilst the body achieves “GOLD”, once it aligns with the glide of the boat.

The movement forwards should be slower than the movement backwards…if you move forwards fast, then that “kills” the movement of the boat which is travelling in the other way.

There are lots of sports, activities, games in our life…choosing one is a good start…the variation of trying many, understanding the mechanics gives a new perspective as to approaching anything…as from every thing we do, we manage to obtain pieces of puzzles.

These pieces of puzzle can be connected with each other and create a new image…not the one we had in mind but a new, different, more interesting, a surprising “SUNSET”.

In the video below it was our return back to the club after 8 km of rowing.

My coach and father were in the boat…lucky me…i have hundreds of images put together, a video that is a refreshing reminder that the past was there 🙂

Many and many sunsets pass by…i am not into the approach of “OH MY GOD” the sunset…sometimes i am

I am not going to sit still every single day and watch every single SUN SETTING but for me, it is a sign that time is passing by indeed and if it is not now…then when? This goes for anything greater we are trying to achieve.

The golden effect of the sunset is a mesmerizing feathering song!

The words in the song…have a meaning for everyone…i guess

I’m the king of my own land
Facing tempests of dust, I’ll fight until the end
Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me!
Now and forever, I’m your king!


Of course let me say that experiencing things either early in the morning or late in the day…it has it’s own magic as to say the least…there is no noise. The ears can vacuum details, the eyes can see clearly and the body is like a sonic that has awakened. This goes especially for the morning.


Ending…a little story from one of the rowing races…that i participated

For your knowledge the race of rowing is usually 2 km and that involves around 200 strokes.

The adrenaline in me was making the boat to tremble…it is intense…6 rowers next to each other aligned…the end 2 km away (or shall i say the stepping stone to new things whatever the result is).

1st, 2nd, 3rd…6th…last…how you use this new information will take you, me, us to a new “planet”.

This is the time that all the training that we did will be put into a test…what was the test about?

I was competing with myself and the others were competing with themselves…all together we competed with each other!

The horn sounded…we all started rowing…the first strokes smaller and quick so that the boat starts moving…then the plan was to actually increase power for another 30 strokes, then i was supposed to keep a steady powerful rhythm through out the race and in the last 300 meters give all that is in me.

This is not a strategy that was thought after meditating for 4 months on a rock in the middle of nowhere…my coach transferred this information to me and it’s logical in a way.


Things did not go as planned…i had been lucky that through my inexperience, adrenaline, mistake i managed to turn the boat 90 degrees. The paddle was stuck in the water (i did not take it out obviously) and the boat stopped.

Immediately i was shuttered…I was rowing for 5 months when the top athletes were already rowing for 2 years.

Might have been i was ready to start crying…crying and smiling is a wonderful ritual…both are healthy once they are not a constant mode.

Everything was quiet…i could not hear anything…i was in a shocking zen mode.

Out of this quietness i heard Marios who was the top athlete from our Club…shouting from distance as he was leading the race.


WOW…the power that was immediately transferred in me…


Started rowing with so much power, i was like a piston going up and down in the cylinder of a Dodge Viper V12 (my best friends dream car)…i was last of course but i needed to be in the first 3 places to qualify for the finals…i was breathless but the voice of Marios was looping in me like a charger or shall i say like a Nitro boost…but this was no boost…it was a burst of continuous energy.

I passed the 5th person…carried on rowing with heartbeats in the 200 range per minute…it was like a invisible threat was pulling me…was it Marios, was it me or was it “GOD MODE” that was switched on?

I was 4th…oh i still get shivers when i remember this…the finishing line was about 200 meters…another 20 strokes…i started counting and with every stroke i pushed harder my legs, pulled stronger with my hands…in this intense “Colosseum” i could hear the voices of my coach, friends, family from the pier that was near the finishing line…”pull my friend” a voice whispered in me…and i was like a rocket launching…could see the 4th rowers boat on the side…and i was not going to stop until the horn would beep.

MORE MORE MORE MORE…and i passed the finish line in 3rd place.

I managed to achieve what others thought is not possible, what i thought was not possible and what helped me?


Who boosts you? Who embraces you to greater heights? Can you turn on “GOD MODE” by your self? When? How? And if so Why don’t you do it again? Is it scary being on stage? Well my friend…search and you will find!


  • Is there a king or a queen inside of us?

Most definitely there is.

  • What is king or queen mode?

The inner hidden battery to reach new heights and do good in this world.

  • Is king or queen mode actually GOD?

Might be.

  • What is GOD?

Well my take is that inside of us there are hidden powers. This goes out to every human being that if we look back in our life there are moments that we actually broke through the other side.

The brain spinning in new frequencies, thinking clearly, managing to make countless pushups (until our mind thinks: “why aren’t i tired” and then voila you are tired by the brains limitation) singing nicely without scaring of the shampoos in the shower, jumping over a fence that is way too high (the mind defines possibility of achievement)…etc.

I believe that Jesus Christ existed and was a person with the ability to reach his inner powers.

To be kind, do good, heal people, thing clearly, be a leader and other great virtues.

People with authority surely went on thinking that if other people manage to reach their inner powers, that would be a problem.

Society prefers sheep’s…as in Italy the Colosseum kept people occupied watching other people being killed, cheering for the survivors of the blood shed…the emperor gave people a little treat and then they could do as he wished with the rest of his people…by giving bread and food back to people…that made him a “ZORRO” for them.

Colosseum is the modern version football as said…not with killings but with a variety of clever, smart, technical kicks of the ball and movement of the body.

Another amazing sport but with so much fanatics that are blindfolded into the game…which is a trap.

Society and “leaders” of countries pull the strings whilst people are attached on the strings within stadiums, teams, beliefs, trends, fashion…above all we are human beings living on planet earth…but that is so broad that people cannot be bothered as they do not feel part of this huge team. They need to be members of a smaller team.

Teams are good, as connections are but only if we had in mind that we are all connected with the…

“big ball that we stand on” = PLANET EARTH

It’s funny that we all came from a drop anyways…

People in power, back in the days did not want anyone else believing in their inner powers, the GOD within them, that GO(O)D version of our selves…

How could they avoid “X-MEN” or “GOD MODE” people?

THEY created a story that this is the only person with such great powers, virtues because he came from GOD who is somewhere in the sky and that his mother has never been with a man (as if a woman that goes with a man, it is a sin or a bad thing)…come on it is nature!

Only he can be this person…he is the only one and that GOD is out there.

The same goes with DEVIL which was created through also religion so that we can blame someone else…and not ourselves.

GOD and DEVIL is within us…and we can let GOD grow into a nice, green, shading, fruitful tree by being one with the present and by being surrounded by people that can unleash our powers.

It needs time…but it is worth it, if not for us…for the rest…have a nice journey

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