The rising sun, 4 ships anchored, the vacuum was looking forward to suck some fuel from the earths mine, a rock was holding the bicycle still while people started flowing along… time to freshen up… it is cold but worth the swim… the body rivers towards the shining face… 5 minutes and voila warmth from within… smoother than before… time for the wheels 2 smile along with @coccolinodeepS


Every (well, not every) morning i cycle to the beach from my place. I enjoy the ride in the city as early as possible as the city is still quiet and with not a lot of cars around.

I arrive at the castle, cross the street and flow on the bicycle lane of Molos towards Thalassaki. Once i arrive, i lock my bicycle, visit the changing rooms, put on my boardshorts.

I walk to the cafeteria, say KALIMERA which means GOODMORNING to the people that run the place. I ask politely if i can leave my bag there for a while. They say yes. I feel safer to do so as i have my phone as i love music in my ears whilst cycling Molos (mp3 is best so that no one can bother your morning ritual or put your phone on airplane mode) & some cash for later.

Then i walk on the sand and do stretching, exercise my biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders with a nice elastic band. Well my anticipation to feel the “cold” water rises.


It is important in the morning when you wake up to have a glass of water with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon. If you do not have lemons visit your neighbor…if he has a lemon tree.
After the water with lemon, try to squeeze another glass of water in your watery body…this will do good when you are entering the “cold” sea.

I am sure my neighbor could make extra money by selling his lemons rather than having them dropping on the ground. This would be smart as they will not be wasted but the nearby supermarket wouldn’t be as happy 🙂

I have an orange tree that produces amazing oranges. 3 euros a kilo!

Let’s carry on with our little story…

Fair enough it is a bit cold now but 15-16 degrees would not kill you. I start walking towards the first signs of water. At first it is a bit of a shock for the body, since for one reason, we are used to being extra warm thus the skin is more sensitive.

Start walking with your head straight up, do not over yell to your self that is soooo cold, breath deeply to help keep a good temperature in your body.

Whilst walking touch the water and touch your head, arms, then your chest, your back (it is a bit more sensitive) and get ready, steady, 3, 2, 1…mmmmmmmmm enjoy…swim a bit fast…stay out of the water breath in, out…say KALIMERA to people.

What i find really interesting is that 90% of the people that enjoy the sea, life, swimming, walking, cycling, coffeeing in the morning are above 50’s.

Nothing wrong with this but where are all the other people?

Sleeping so that they have energy to work? Not waking up on the weekend to do so because they are resting? They are nice things to do and Cyprus is a gem…it has everything to offer in a a short distance.

Playing in the water, flowing, letting go…not thinking is a meditation.

After 10, 15 minutes approx. you could exit the water, enjoy a shower (a bit less cold usually than the water)…get some shampoo from people (a wonderful excuse to meet also people, it is not a shame)…dry your self…get in the changing room and wear nice warm clothes.

VOILA…you will start feeling an amazing energy in your body, mind, soul.

Time to get our bag back…i usually buy a bottle of water just as a thanks for the people keeping my bag.

IDEA: Why don’t they have a locker that people could put a coin to lock there stuff for an hour or so? Well it costs! Also it might not be safe? Or simply it is a nice experience that people ask people to keep an eye on their bag?

Get music in my ears, unlock my bicycle and ride towards Uluwatu to get a wonderful, tasty, fragrant coffee in my mouth)

Andreas he is a master and i enjoy the coffee so much there…nice atmosphere and most importantly if it is one of those days that there is a cake…try a piece is wonderful…especially the one they make with carrots…they are vegan cakes…i ain’t a vegan and do not embrace tattoing names to define as exact style that someone sticks to BUT i love the cakes there.

I do not eat all of them…a piece is enough to get my going on my bicycle, back home for a hot shower and prepare to start the day…

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